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Hudson County CLC Grassroots Meet-and-Greet Draws Dozens of Labor/Community Groups Working Towards a Better Future for All

Tonight, local community associations, faith organizations, civil rights groups, thought leaders, and student activists were welcomed to a special meeting of the Hudson County Central Labor Council, an organization representing and advocating on behalf of union members and local working families.


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This is the third community/labor grassroots meet-and-greet to be hosted in New Jersey under the auspices of Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. These meetings are designed to bring local labor and community organizations closer together so that we can harness our collective grassroots strength and promote our shared values through statewide issue education and active involvement in the democratic process at every level of government.

Hudson County CLC President Pete Busacca stated that, “the council wants to have an open dialogue with our community allies so that like-minded individuals, both union and non-union, can work together for the common good.”

Hudson_Meet_and_Greet_4.JPGWorking Families United for New Jersey, Inc. Trustee Laurel Brennan stated that, “our state faces unprecedented challenges which impact all of us such as high unemployment, rising costs, deteriorating roads and bridges, and fewer opportunities for upward mobility. These community-wide challenges require community-wide solutions which we can achieve by joining and working together as we have begun to do here tonight.”

Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. Chair Charles Hall, Jr. explained that, “The understanding and unity which we will take out of this community/labor grassroots meet-and-greet, is critical to the continued success of our coalition and to the progress of our state and all of us as working families.”

Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. continues to engage the 256 organizations which compose the coalition in a variety of activities to improve the quality of life in our communities. This includes supporting commonsense investment in our state’s infrastructure and transportation system to create good jobs, promoting affordable education for students, leading the historic “Raise the Wage” campaign last year, educating the public about the benefits of earned sick days, helping hundreds of immigrant families fulfill the dream of U.S. Citizenship, and registering thousands of residents to vote every year. Thank you for your continued support.

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