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NJ Assembly Passes $15 Minimum Wage Bill

New Jersey is one step closer to raising its minimum wage after the New Jersey State Assembly voted today to pass A-15/S-15. This bill would phase in a $15 minimum wage over a four year period. While the vote was along party lines, we are confident in the universal benefits of raising workers’ wages and the positive impact this will have on our state’s economy.

Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. thanks legislators who voted in favor of this important bill and recognizes the bill’s primary sponsors in the Assembly, Speaker Vincent Prieto, Assemblyman John Wisniewski and Assemblyman Gary Schaer.

Our coalition understands that our economy doesn’t work when work doesn’t pay. A $15 minimum wage is an important step to restoring our middle class and reestablishing the link between hard work and opportunity in our state.

Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. will continue to mobilize its grassroots partners in order to pass and enact this legislation into law. Your support remains essential to the success of this campaign.

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