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Voter Registration


Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. has remained committed to facilitating a robust year-round voter registration effort since its founding in 2009. Working with coalition partners and local community stakeholders, we have conducted massive voter registration efforts in communities including Newark, Trenton, Paterson, New Brunswick, and many others. Through voter registration events, neighborhood canvasses, and use of our fully equipped Ford voter registration van, we will continue to register thousands of voters around our state so that they can make their voices heard in our democratic process, and ensure that our state and local governments put the interests of our communities first.

WFUNJ_21.JPGIn 2013 alone, WFUNJ registered 30,000 new voters through canvasses, conducting local voter registration drives, during the 50th Anniversary March on Washington, and partnering with New Jersey United students to conduct registration drives on college campuses around the state.

registertovote.jpgRegister to Vote

Practicing your right to vote – and voting for candidates who support issues important to working families – is the most effective way to making sure government stands up for our communities. New Jersey holds multiple elections every year, but in order to cast your ballot you must first be registered to vote. If you are a United States citizen who will be at least 18 years of age by the next election, and have lived in your current county for at least 30 days, you’re eligible to register to vote at your current address. You must register to vote at least 21 days prior to the upcoming election.

Click on one links below to be redirected to the statewide voter registration form: 

You may also register to vote in-person at the office of your counties election officials. Make sure to read their websites before you visit to make sure you bring the proper identification with you.


To vote in New Jersey, you don’t have to show up at your local precinct in person on Election Day. Under our state’s vote-by-mail laws, you can ask your County Clerk to send a ballot directly to your home for any reason.

Vote-by-Mail makes it easy to make sure your voice gets heard regardless of how busy you are on Election Day. Unexpected things might keep you away from home on Election Day – voting by mail will make sure you’re counted.

Click here to learn how to ask our County Clerk for a vote-by-mail ballot.