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Take Action to End the Lockout of Kellogg’s Workers in Memphis, Tennessee

Kellogg’s company has locked out 220 members of the BCTGM since October 22, 2013, at its factory in Memphis, Tennessee, in order to force the union’s acceptance of plans to replace decent family-sustaining jobs with “casual” workers – essentially, this means low-paying jobs with no guaranteed hours.

KelloggsBCTGM.JPGWhat makes this company’s actions so appalling is the fact that, like many of its corporate peers, Kellogg’s is making billions of dollars in profits and saw its share price skyrocket as the stock market continues to reach all-time highs.

Please CLICK HERE to tell Kellogg’s to lift the lockout, drop the demand for unfair concessions, and negotiate a fair contract!

An attempt to cut labor costs at this point has nothing to do with corporate competitiveness; it has everything to do with greed. This type of greed is what is fueling the massive rise in income inequality. As consumers and members of the community who are impacted by this race to the bottom for wages, we need to take a stand.

Kellogg’s says they want to create “The New Workforce of the Future,” but the reality is that they want fewer workers, with cut-rate wages, no benefits, and no set work schedule. Despite the term corporate term “casual” worker, we know there is nothing casual about being forced to accept low wages, inconsistent working hours, and needing at least two jobs just to make ends meet.

Once again, please CLICK HERE to tell Kellogg’s to lift the lockout, and make their workers a partner in success rather than a tool to increase profits. Your support makes the difference. Thank you for fighting for these workers and for jobs that build strong communities.

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