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Take Action to Increase New Jersey’s Minimum Wage

Urge your state Senator to support SCR-1 which places the question of raising the state’s minimum wage and linking future increases to inflation on the 2013 ballot for voters to decide.

CLICK HERE to find your state senator and forward him or her a message.

There is no doubt that New Jersey workers deserve a raise. Those who work hard and play by the rules deserve the ability to plan and achieve a sound financial future. Raising the minimum wage benefits the economy as a whole by promoting financial stability, lifting wage scales, bolstering consumer spending, and spurring the economy to create jobs.

The minimum wage concerns the core principles of our state and the ability of people to make a dignified living in New Jersey. Therefore, it is completely appropriate for New Jersey’s voters to have the final say on the minimum wage by placing the question on the 2013 ballot.

However, in order to let voters weigh-in. The resolution SCR-1 needs to pass both houses of the legislature two years in a row in order to appear on the ballot. The measure, which raises the minimum wage to $8.25 an hour and includes a COLA, has passed both houses once. By passing it again this year, we will ensure community voices are heard with regard to this important issue.

Therefore please urge your state Senator to support SCR-1. Tell them that New Jersey’s workers deserve a raise, we deserve a stable financial future, and we deserve to be heard.

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