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Ask Your Legislators to Support Earned Sick Days

ESL_Logo.JPGEnacting a statewide Earned Sick Days law is a win-win scenario which would promote healthier communities and benefit New Jersey’s working families and businesses alike.

An Earned Sick Days law would ensure that all workers in New Jersey can earn a limited amount of paid time-off to be used if they or a family member get sick.

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Currently, there are 1.2 million workers in New Jersey who do not receive earned sick days through their employers. As a result, these workers often come to work sick because they cannot afford to lose a day’s pay or they fear the repercussions of asking for a day off. When employees go to work sick they are not as productive, they are more prone to mistakes, and they can spread their illnesses to coworkers and customers. Therefore, it is no exaggeration when we say that, an Earned Sick Days law is good for everyone in our state including workers, businesses, and the community as a whole.

We are glad to see that elected officials are beginning to address the need for Earned Sick Leave in New Jersey. Both Jersey City and Newark have passed laws in their communities to guarantee paid sick days, but we still need to make sure that a law is passed statewide. In the Legislature, a bill providing workers Earned Sick Days (A-1446/S-799) has been introduced.

We ask that you please take a moment to send a message to your legislators in the State Senate and Assembly to express the importance of passing Earned Sick Days in New Jersey. By providing your zip code and address information we can match you with your state representatives. You can then forward them a pre-written message or express in your own words why New Jersey needs Earned Sick Days.