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Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. Launches Statewide Earned Sick Days Campaign


The non-partisan grassroots coalition, Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc., joined today with dozens of coalition partners and the prime sponsors of earned sick days legislation, Senator Loretta Weinberg and Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt, to launch a statewide campaign to enact an earned sick days law in New Jersey. Our coalition was successful in leading grassroots education efforts to raise the state’s minimum wage last year, and is prepared to once again rally the support of over 256 community partners to make sure workers do not have to risk losing pay or their jobs just because they get sick.

Now with the launch of our new website, it is easier than ever before to let our legislators hear from us. Take a moment right now to CLICK HERE and send a message to your legislators asking them to co-sponsor the bill providing sick days to all workers in New Jersey.

To see pictures from our kickoff event, please CLICK HERE.

“Providing all workers with the ability to earn and take paid time off if they or a family member get sick is a benefit many of us already have, but all of us deserve,” stated Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. Chair Charles Hall Jr. “No one should have to make the unfair choice between a paycheck and caring for oneself or a loved one.”

“Assuming that a policy which benefits workers must also be bad for businesses is incorrect,” added Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. Executive Director Edward Correa. “Providing workers with an earned sick days benefit would be a win-win for businesses because the cost to implement this policy would easily be offset by improved workforce productivity, increased job retention, and higher employee morale.”


“I’m a father of three children so when they get sick, I have to take time off from work to care for them. Without paid sick time, just one or two days off can add up to a lot – a week’s worth of groceries or a full tank of gas,” stated Bill Ludwig from Hillsborough. “Earned sick days should be a given in our state, and I believe it would go a long way to relieving some of the enormous financial stress workers face these days.”

“Getting sick is an inevitable part of life and workers shouldn’t have to sacrifice wages because of it,” stated Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. Trustee Laurel Brennan. “Providing all workers with earned sick days is a sensible, practical, and beneficial policy for all of our state’s families.”

“Guaranteeing paid sick days is the right thing to do for workers, patrons, public health, and a business’s bottom line,” according to Dr. Mary Gatta, a Senior Scholar at Wider Opportunities for Women, who released a report on the lack of paid sick days in New Jersey’s restaurant industry.

It is time to make our voice heard. CLICK HERE and send a message to your legislators calling for earned sick days now.

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